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Are our products imported ?

No, most of our products are made in Korea.

Only the grated emmental is made in France and the jamon made in Spain.

Where is the delicatessen produced ?

Our deli is produced in our workshop near Seoul.

Are there France Gourmet stores?

No, we do not have our proper store but you can find most of our products at the Fresh mart in Seorae maeul, Seoul and the new NongHyup Hanaro mart in Okpo, Geoje Island.

I do not live in Seoul, can I be supplied? Should I pay the delivery fee?

Yes. Free deliver all over Korea for the amount of your order above 50,000 wons, otherwise 5,000 wons for the delivery fee.

Can I freeze the products?

Yes, we only use fresh local meat, it is safe to freeze.

How long do i have to wait for my order?

We deliver twice a week on Wednesday and Friday. Orders received before Tuesday 11am will be received on Wednesday and the ones before Thursday 11am on Friday.

Can the cold chain be broken while delivery ?

France Gourmet pays special attention to food safety. Our specialties are delivered in icebox filled with icepacks. Tests have been made to maintain the cold chain.

Can I decide or even know the delivery time ?

No, the delivery time will depend on the carrier schedule. We can just guarantee the delivery in less than 24h.

Do I have to stay home to wait for the delivery ?

No, if you are not home the delivery man will let your parcel in front of your door or at the guardian house if there is any.

Ham has a short shelf life, is it normal?

We use a very strict minimum of preservative therefore our ham has a shelf life of 6 days, much shorter than an industrial ham.

We put so little preservative in our products that it cannot be detected in the official monthly tests.