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Duck Breast 400g (2 pcs)

Duck Breast – 400g (2 pcs)

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400g (2 Pieces)

Original frozen duck breasts Korea.

The duck breast, a low-fat piece of meat, is one of the classic cuts of French cuisine. Tender and succulent, it is most commonly served rare or pink.
Duck marries perfectly with sweet flavors like in the following recipes: duck breast with orange, caramelized honey or lacquered Chinese.

Preparation / Recipe: Prior to cooking, slit the skin of your duck so that the skin does not shrink during cooking. Cook the breast in a frying pan skin-side down, so as to gently melt the fat. Turn the breast to cook the other side. Once cooked, you can add honey and deglaze the pan with wine or vinegar. Take care not to overcook the duck breast in order to preserve its tenderness.
After cooking, cut into slices and serve hot with potatoes, French fries, beans, vegetables or rice and Dijon mustard. Perfect complimented with a great red wine. Can also be eaten cold.

Storage: Store in the freezer less than -18°C.

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