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Tenderloin steak – 180g

Tenderloin steak – 180g



Fresh meat origin Korea

The steak, monument to the French and international cuisine, is now proposed by France Gourmet. We have decided to prepare our steaks in the beef tenderloin in order to provide you with an extremely tender, tasty and lean meat.
Very easy to cook for daily meal or special event, the France Gourmet tenderloin steak will delight all meat lovers.

Serving suggestions: Heat your frying pan with a drizzle of oil, season your steak with salt and ground black pepper and cook over high heat. Cook at least 3 minutes the first side without touching the steak to allow the Maillard reaction. Do the same with the other side. Cook until desired doneness, remove from the frying-pan and let the meat rest for few minutes before consuming. Serve with sauted vegetables, French fries or rice, ideally accompanied by a gravy for meat, pepper or béarnaise sauce.

Storage: Store in the fridge between 0 and 10°C. Suitable for home freezing.

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